“The Best for the Best.”

Our Story

The alabaster box contained very expensive perfume that a woman decided to pour over the head of Jesus Christ as he dined at the house of Simon the leper (Matthew 26:7 KJV). The disciples were perplexed by the gesture, but Jesus not only made it clear that He found no fault in her act, but saw it as noble.

At Alabaster Box Candles, we look to be found noble before the sight of Christ as well. Our goal is to serve our family of patrons with quality, homemade scented candles that are made with an abundance of love and regard. Each candle is carefully made with exquisite scents that we find to be of the highest standard.

As the woman poured her expensive perfume lovingly over the head of Christ, we wish to pour our gratitude within each candle we make. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you may have.